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7 Inch Aluminum Rain Gutters Commercial Gutters
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1, K type 7 inch color aluminum falling water system:

Type K 7 inch color aluminum water system products refers to the gutter opening size is 5.2 inches (130mm) of the K type hyperbolic appearance of the roof gutter, rain water system collocation corrugated rectangular 2x3 inch or 3 inch round rain gutters.

The appearance of hyperbolic gutters, collocation corrugated rectangular rain pipes, modern style, simple collocation; corrugated rectangular rain pipes more fashionable and elegant. At the same time, the texture of the metal brings a simple visual impression to your building facade.

Southern California Spanish style architecture using K 5.5 inch and 3 inch H gutter type circular tube with the use of the water system is a new method of using more fashionable. On the west coast of North America, some avant-garde designers love to K type and H type hyperbolic gutter pipe with the use of the pursuit of a new effect; while in Chinese, most of the projects, also made of K type and H type hyperbolic gutters with circular tube, to achieve a new effect.

2, K type 7 inch color aluminum water fall system applies to:

Single family villas, townhouse, garden houses, clubs and other small roofing buildings, while the K 5.2 series products, the most economical of all products.

According to 3, number of rain pipes:

The amount of rain pipes drainage rain pipes to determine the number of basis depends on the size and the roof.

In the table below, "each rain pipes bear catchment area" means such as the Beijing area, the rainfall intensity is calculated by a return period of 5 years, 1 or 1 2x3 inch rectangular 3 inch round rain pipes can be excreted catchment area of 86 square meters of roof rain water.

Catchment area: rainwater drainage pipe collect rain area, at the level of projection area calculation. The square said.

The recurrence period is the average time interval of a rainstorm which is equal to or greater than a rainstorm intensity by statistical analysis of a certain amount of rainfall observation data. Its units are expressed in years.

The table on the rainfall intensity data values in the "manual" design of building water supply and drainage, the return period is 5 years, according to the "building drainage design specification" (GB50015-2003) in the provisions of article 4.9.22: rain pipes maximum flood discharge

4, K type 7 inch color aluminum falling water system product color

K type rain drop system, in addition to 9 standard colors, but also provides designers specify colors, that is, according to the designer's color requirements to provide color. The rich color makes the falling water product perfectly match the color of the building's eaves, waist line, and exterior walls.

5, K type 7 inch color aluminum fall water system product composition and product drawings