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Our History

Jiangsu Bo Xiang Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd.is a professional set is from a variety of materials, the rain gutter finished series tube series, glass tile and other housing integrated system development, production, sales, installation as one of the enterprises, is an independent legal personality joint-stock company, its products are: color aluminum gutters, color aluminum gutter, color aluminum finished gutter; color finished aluminum gutters, color aluminum water pipe, square pipe, color aluminum water pipe metal water system, metal roof drainage system, PVC finished gutter gutter, eaves gutter, eaves gutter downspouts, PVC finished water system, PVC roof drainage system colorful; glass tile, tile, colorful colorful asphalt shingles and other products. In young growth, we spare no effort in building environmental protection and energy saving transformation, is committed to providing professional, high-quality, full range of building materials supporting the supply of services, efforts to improve our environment and save our energy! For the future, we will continue to enhance its comprehensive strength, stronger building materials supply business, improve asset management level, business model innovation, expand the scope of business and service areas, efforts to improve the core competitiveness of the market.

Our Factory

Jiangsu Bo Xiang Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the West King Xiang Yu's hometown -- Suqian economic and technological development, Suqian has "north south of Jianghuai Qilu, ranks two in the water (i.e. the Yangtze River, the Yellow River), the two Beijing choke (Beijing, Nanjing) throat" is called. Be in all the way, fifth central lines start: Lianyungang - Zhengzhou - Xi'an - Lanzhou - Xinjiang - Central Asia - europe. Bo Cheung building advanced management and development mode and continuous research to create, in the industry and the market established a good reputation at home and abroad to cooperate with a number of well-known real estate, traders, products throughout the home and abroad. The company has a strong professional management team and technical team, adhere to the "scientific management, technological innovation, service first" is the quality policy, to the market demand, the establishment of clear values, in order to serve partners.

Our Product

Building materials research and development, sales; gutter, eaves gutter, pipe, roof tiles, metal products production and sales; doors and windows, Aluminum Alloy products processing and sales, decoration materials (except hazardous chemicals), waterproof material sales.

Product Application

Applicable to urban and rural apartments, villas, small high-rise, high-rise commercial housing, physical arts venues, industrial housing.

Production Equipment

The company has 8 advanced equipment, more than 10 production lines, with an annual output of more than 10000 tons.

Production Market

Adhere to the domestic market as the basis, and strive to expand overseas markets, in foreign countries also enjoy the affirmation and reputation.

Our service

In the sales service to the pacico initiative, enthusiasm, regular and irregular service. Strengthen self image, strengthen self service consciousness, understand market fluctuation, new product development, market information, service information, demand information. Strengthen the image of the self, feedback of information, update of product, sense of cooperation, consciousness of customer, communication consciousness and image consciousness of the company. Stand at the master's point of view and ask for your own work.

In the process of production, Bo Xiang needs to strengthen the cost consciousness, quality consciousness, efficiency consciousness, standard consciousness, standard consciousness and safety consciousness of the ego. Quality is produced, not tested.

Bo Xiang people in the technical needs of fast, simple, practical, more economical, but also needs meticulous, perfect spirit. Constantly strengthen the enterprise's sense of competition, cost awareness, brand awareness. Improve your professional skills, and constantly learn new knowledge and design concepts.

Bo Xiang people in the management needs to self as the model of the company system, from me to start, supervise each other, stand in the enterprise's point of view to assess all their work. From the work arrangements, planning, supervision, inspection, feedback, assessment, service and so on. To high standards, strict requirements, institutionalized to carry out self work, all in order to efficiency based, quality as the core, unity as the backing, play Bo sincere cooperation, truth-seeking and hard work spirit.

Bo Cheung is the goal, the duty and the method, we will continue to self serious, persevere to improve the quality of self strict in demands of work, improve their quality of life, strengthen their sense of social responsibility, and strive for social civilization.

We are well versed in, based on customer demand, is a fundamental enterprise to achieve considerable development. Therefore, Bo Xiang built a perfect business unit and service system, we strive to bring customers timely, efficient, professional and efficient security services.


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Company Name: Jiangsu Boxiang Building Materials and Technology Co.,Ltd Type of company: Enterprise Units ()
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Registered Capital: Not filled Year of Registration: 2002
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